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Yes, I'm on TikTok!

My life has now been invaded by one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world! Is this the consequence of the Internet?

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have spent most of my time improving my websites/services. Furthermore, I’ve spent too much time worrying about creating the perfect piece of content. In defense of my actions, I’m a single parent, working full-time, managing several projects and clients. All of this, on top of my two main priorities (my amazing family and job)!

As a content creator, the work can be a full-time job in and of itself. The process of creating content, formatting it, and writing copy for each platform is challenging. Just when I thought I was close to coming up with a plan for putting out more content, along comes Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) and TikTok!

I admit that he’s kind of difficult to like – he’s crass and curses a lot. Sometimes his style of delivering a message can leave you in your feelings or in complete disagreement. However, if you look past all that, you find that he is skilled at what he does, which is marketing. He even shares his knowledge for free! 

I do tune in to him because sometimes I need to be in my feelings about things, even if I find him frustrating at times. It hasn’t always been easy for my innermost complacent self to deal with sugar-coated words. It’s like, dang it, Gary is right, you aren’t working hard enough! Even just this morning, he compared the amount of content a basketball coach would have to produce with the amount of work a player would have to do to improve.  

There is no difference – the harder you work, the more you learn, the better you’ll be, and the closer you’ll be to achieving your goals. At least that’s the hope. Anyway, I digress.

Basically, I’m telling you that I’m listening, Gary Vee! I’m working on it! As a non-writer, I am posting this to create content for my personal pages. Having listened to you pitch TikTok for several months, I have also joined. I created accounts for one of my brands, MMA Stalker, and also for my own brand. 

Before posting, I also followed your advice. I consumed as much content as possible. At first, I couldn’t understand what it was all about, so it was excruciating. The early days were incredibly cringe-inducing, but I now see the light. I’ve become somewhat addicted – not necessarily to TikToking myself but to consuming content. was my first TikTok account! Though I have yet to determine our “voice” for TikToks, I’ve begun posting content nonetheless. The performance of some “Toks” has been remarkable while others have been less so, but still better than some of our posts on other platforms. 

This is a huge benefit for the platform now. For us, TikTok has a much higher ROI (in this case, my time and effort to create the content) than our other social media accounts. Our content is actually reaching people, which is allowing us to gain followers elsewhere!  

We should also mention how quickly our audience grew after the first few posts. Growing our Instagram following to 1K followers took a long time. In just a few weeks, we reached 1K followers on TikTok!

Again, I haven’t yet figured out my voice with my own account. I plan to keep it informal. My love for dance, how I create content for my brands, and perhaps my process for participating in the challenges will be shared.

The decision has yet to be made. Nonetheless, I created this personal account so that I could follow and like TikToks and users that I might not want to follow with my brand accounts. It’s better to keep them apart since my dance community may not be interested in following my mixed martial arts community! 😏

My personal account has grown much slower as well, and that’s okay. Personal branding is more important to me than growth. Anyone following will learn more about me and see that I’m a real person.

There are no TikTok stats to share here, but I did find some great resources that do have the statistics. Check it out!

So, yes, I am now on TikTok. As a result, I’m working even harder on finding time to put out more content on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and now TikTok.